Citing Primary Sources

Note that as with all sources, you should list these in the Works Cited and reference them (Authorlastname) in the text. You should introduce a source with some explanation and commentary in the course of your paper; this is all the more important if you have done a survey or interview yourself. The citation doesn't tell much about who you interviewed, what was involved in your survey, etc. So you must explain this. The full survey can also be included in your appendix if you want.


Survey (author is you; create its title)

Sherwood, Kenneth. "Internet Survey." Indiana University of PA, 2009.

Interview (author is the person you interviewed)

Authorlastname, First. Personal Interview. 14 Apr. 2009

Observation / Case Study

Sherwood, Kenneth. "World of Warcraft Observation." Indiana University of PA, 2009.



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