Evaluating Sources

As a consequence of the Internet "Information Glut," teachers and librarians want to be sure that students can practice information literacy. This entails more than being able to effectively locate relevant sources; it also involves the critical skills of evaluating sources and their reliability.

Many of the editorial and "quality" controls of print publishing are absent on the web, which means that accessing the rich available resources involves traversing a minefield. Critically evaluating a source may cause you to reject it or to use it in a very careful manner; at root, it involves knowing what kind of material you are working with.

Open Questions: What are some kinds of unreliable or questionable sources you have (or which one might) turn up while searching? What are some ways you might responsibly use such as source?

Activity: Review the sources that you have thus far identified; using the worksheet as a guide, critically evaluate them and then blog your notes.



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