Use the IUP Library Catalogue Pilot for books and IUP Databases for searching subscription-based journals.

(The full-texts of many journal articles are available through specialized, licensed IUP databases; you will often not be able to read them expect on-campus or with a VPN running.)

What if IUP/Pilot doesn't have a book? -

Books not held at IUP can be searched through Firstsearch/Worldcat, which allows you to dip into thousands of catalogues across the world.Books unavailable at IUP can be quickly requested through PALCI; just provide your student number. (ILL may also be used for articles or books but tends to take longer.)

Journal Articles

How do I find journal articles?

  • Search Full-text Databases and Indexes
Choose carefully. Some databases are very narrow; you won't find digital culture articles in a database on molecular biology.

Remember that each search engine has different keyword and search parameters.

Indexes typically list articles and publishing information but may not give you full-text. You look elsewhere for the actual article.

What if there's no full-text or we don't subscribe to the journal?

Electronic databases grow weekly in the number of academic and popular journals they carry. When you uncover a possible journal search without full text, use Pilot (select search/journal title option) to find the journal/article in another database or check here.

Sometime when a database cannot provide you with full text, it may be available in another database to which IUP subscribes. Pilot will provide a link to the journal in the IUP database; or, if we subscribe to the print version, it will direct you to back issues in our library stacks.

Alternatively, you may request photocopies of print journal articles through Interlibrary Loan.

What if I can't find the article or journal itself in any databases?

- If the article looks useful, get help finding the journal. It may be cross-listed in another database.

Also, be aware that many good journal articles are not available electronically; be prepared to look for back issues on the shelves or microfilm. Finally, ILL can be used to request a photocopy of an article from an obscure journal, though you should note such requests will take 10-14 days to fill.)

Search Trouble

  • Identify Appropriate Databases by Subject
Library Guide to Databases
Please consult with me or a research librarian if you find your searching is not paying off. We may need to vary search terms, change the databases you're looking in, broaden your criteria, etc. "Academic Search Premiere" is just one database. Look down the list to see what narrow databases might fit your interests.

The most useful sources are not always those that directly overlap with your focus. If you are researching Gender Issues involving women in traditionally male sports, you may find that an essay on cheerleading or a book written by a female university coach adds something invaluable (even if doesn't seem directly on topic). Perhaps the data presented in an empirical study you encounter can be analyzed in a way that helps you answer your own questions, even if these aren't those the original researched looked into. Be creative. Revisit your conversations brainstorming or my guide to conversations to inspire varied searching.



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