Mini-essay format


  • margins are 1 inch (not 1 1/4)
  • font is readable, 12pt.
  • all text is double-spaced
  • color is black, or dark blue/green
  • Name and pagenumber on top right corner of body pages; use the MS word header: "Lastname 123"
  • Fasten pages with a staple or clip; please don't submit fancy binders.

Quotations / MLA Format Pre-view

  • Introduce all quotations. "Open and close quotations with marks, keeping the author and page if needed outside the quote" (Sherwood 123).
  • You may also lead into them, mentioning the author and or title. So that, I want to quote Sherwood, who says that we must "introduce all quotations" (123).
  • Quotations of more than four lines in length are indented two-tabs, 1 inch or ten spaces. No quotations marks when you use block quotation format.

Header Not Title page

Note, longer essays often have a title page. This one should not.
  • Begin with a header, left-justified:

Firstname Lastname
English 202
Mini-essay for Prof. Sherwood

Here Is an Original and Descriptive Title: It's Capitalized But Not Undelined



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