Research Essay Expectations

Research Essay Expectations
(*This will be more important to you around week 10)

The exact topic and purpose of this project will be yours to decide as you work through the research process. Key skills will include: gathering, evaluation and effective incorporation of quality sources of several types in service of a defined purpose The broad course theme of the Digital Life and the critical concepts we develop as a class (through reading, discussion, and collaboration) will guide you towards a specific research focus (see research proposal).
It may also help you to consider that I will grade essays wholistically on the basis of four broad categories:

  1. ) Content - degree of thoughtfullness, richness of information provided or strength of claims made;
  2. ) Organization - effective presentation, including thesis, detail or support, paragraph form, transitions, and coherence;
  3. ) Mechanics - essay format and such sentence-level elements as punctuation, spelling, and word choice; and
  4. ) Revision - evidence of effort and quality of changes made to preliminary drafts, especially in response to peer-critique.

I will collect your rough drafts several weeks in advance, comment, quickly grade and rate the four areas above on a 10-point scale to give students an idea of those areas in which I judge the paper to be stronger/weaker. Generally, an "A" paper should be strong in all four areas; a "B" paper is strong in at least three areas and not poor in any; a "C" paper should be adequate in at least three areas; a "D" paper is inadequate in two areas; and "F" paper is inadequate in three or more areas.



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