Revision for Content and Organization Tips


  • Strengthen key points with specific information, citing authoritative sources(more research may be needed)
  • Frame quotations with your own analysis.
  • Cut quotations and summaries that are no longer relevant to your RQ or which do not contribute. (Hint: Would you pay $5 to keep this quote? Is it essential?_


  • Transitions and "verbal gestures" or signposts emphasize the key points, important divisions, and major turns in your exploration.
    • Highlight your claims and observations with key words and phrases.
  • Paragraph Unity - cut, paste, delete, shuffle. Revise so that each paragraph is coherent and unified.
  • Paragraph Sequence - Consider cutting and shuffling all the paragraphs, then trying to reassemble in a logical sequence; some won't make the cut. (Quality not length is the mark of a good research paper).
  • Introduction and Conclusion - Think about the introduction as a "promise" or contract to address the question in a certain fashion; fulfill the promise, hitting all the needed steps and omitting those which aren't necessary. The conclusion should bring home the best of what the reader has learned (not repeat everything!)



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