Summary of Chaudhry:

In the article mirror, mirror on the web, it talks about how anyone who has access to the internet can be a star in their own right. There are so many ways to do it, by myspace, youtube,facebook, twitter, so on and so forth."Self-expression glides effortlessly into self-promotion as we shape our online selves--be it on a MySpace? profile, LiveJournal? blog or a YouTube? video--to insure the greatest attention.

So, when the word "celebrity" is brought up, what image comes to mind? Is it something like Marilyn Monroe, dressed in all white, with a big boa around her neck, or is it someone like Andy Milonakis dancing around rapping about processed meat? Both of those names are familiar to most and for two different reasons.

My favorite part of the article was how she brought up historical moments that compare to mass media today. she said the Renaissance brought paintings, engraved portraits and sculptures and in present time we enjoy photos, radios, movies, and televisions to gain fame. but better yet the internets is the home of most celebrities (micro).

The most important factor leading up to this "fame" is public attention, whether good or bad. The availability of technology helps a persons "fame" grow quickly by posting things on various sites that seem to catch the audiences eye. How many bands have become famous by the help of Myspace? How many comedians have gotten launched because of their videos on YouTube? Fame is just not all about wealth and achievement anymore.

Is it true that everyone wants to be famous for something? I think we all have this emptiness inside of us until we realize we are good at something or "famous" for something. It kind of completes us. Most everyone wants to be recognized for something they did in their lifetime. They media tell us we need to be famous for something to have a good life. If we want to be cool we need to do what everyone else is doing.

I think its very true that a lot of people may have become obsessed with the idea of becoming "famous." All the social networking websites, youtube, and even some other sites have become havens for people posting videos, pictures, and blogs that they believe could get them famous. You can go on youtube for two minutes and find out that really means ANYTHING. Some of it is funny, some of it is interesting, maybe very little of it is informative and most of it is tras

“In schools, at home and in popular culture, children over the past thirty-odd years have been inculcated with the same set of messages: You're special; love yourself; follow your dreams; you can be anything you want to be.” “However, then media woven it into an all-pervasive commercial narrative used to hawk everything from movie tickets to sneakers. Just do it, baby, but make sure you buy that pair of Nikes first”. The media has basically turned every aspect of positive” you can do it” into something completely negative.

Is MySpace?, Facebook, and YouTube? the tickets to fame?

Is it easier to become famous from the internet or by using your real talent to make it big?

Do these website get any recognition for makeing people famous?



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