Research Writing - ENGL202

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Prior Weeks

Week 14


  • Final in-class revision and editing
  • Consultations with Prof.
Final draft of your research essay is due next class!


  • Copy edit Final Research Essays
  • Submit essay with graded draft
  • Review requirements for cover letter to BlogPortfolio; you will complete this during the scheduled final exam period, Thurs., Dec. 17 at 10:15am.

Week 13


HW: If you did not create an outline before drafting, please create a Reverse outline and post it now.


Remaining Deadlines

  • Thursday, Dec. 10 in class; Submission of final (revised) essay with attached draft.
  • Completion of BlogPortfolio with cover letter in final exam; Thurs., Dec. 17 at 10:15am.

Week 12

Draft Due Dec. 1st


  • Proposal Overview
    • Topic focus and clarity; sources (evaluation, balance, relevance); bibliography (completeness, accuracy and compliance with MLA format).
  • "From Proposal to Draft" : in class writing - 10 min. Compose a post in which you translate into your own words any key issues from your proposal and feedback. Do you need to adjust the research question or to narrow the scope in your abstract?
  • Review DraftChecklist
    • See especially the section on structure;
    • See also Curious Researcher on "Making Your Presence Felt" (183) and general drafting strategies (183-219)
  • Prof. consultations


Prior Weeks

Wiki Entries on Searching, Sources, and Citation

  1. TypesOfSources
  2. OpenWebSearching
  3. IUP-Library
  4. WorkingBibliography in MLA Format
  5. Identifying_A_Topic
  6. From_Topic_To_Conversations
  7. From_Conversation_to_Research_Question
  8. GroupingSources
  9. DigestingSources
  10. EvaluatingSources Worksheet
  11. ResearchProposal
  12. ResearchProposalRevisionGuide?

Research Writing Resources - Online Writing Lab

Research Essay Expectations-Sherwood

Essay Format

Guide to MLA Citation Format

Wiki Help


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